Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cork and Leather; Not Just for Wine Stoppers and Fancy Belts - By Jenna Podlogar

Yes that’s right, welcome to the new era of flooring; cork and leather. This is definitely not your grandmothers’ linoleum! It’s obviously a beautiful look but did you know that they actually have many advantages over other textile options as well as easy maintenance and proven durability? For many of us it’s a new concept so let’s break it down:    
First and foremost, DON’T GO CHEAP.  While you may spend less upfront, you will be sure to spend a bundle in costly repairs due to low grade product improperly sealed.  I recommend Torly’s which backs their entire product line with a 25 year warranty.
Both cork and leather planks are comprises of multiply layers including an anti-scratch UV resistant weartop finish, a high density cork or leather veneer, a moisture resistant fiberboard, and an integrated cork underlay with antibacterial protection.
 Installation is a snap, literally, with the patented interlocking click system. While a wood floor works against surface pressure, cork and leather are resilient and give with the pressure creating a softer surface less likely to buckle or warp like other floating floors may do.  And repairs, no problem! Forget the dust and power tools that wood floor may require as these planks are easy to replace with a simple “bulldog” tool even in the middle of the floor.  
And did I mention that both are environmentally friendly and made from 100% recycled product? Oh, and that they are hypoallergenic! Believe it my friends, this product is not only pretty but a great insulator, and a healthy choice for your family and pets as it contains no harmful emissions and exceeds California Indoor Air Quality standards.
I know what you’re thinking, so what’s the catch? Maintenance must be a nightmare right? NO! Vacuums are safe for leather flooring and simple sweeping and Torly’s Natural Glow floor cleaner it recommended for your corks.
Both floorings are safe to install virtually in any place of your home, even bathrooms. Just like wood floors though, it is important to make sure your slab has less than 3% moisture before installing. Also be aware that because cork is a natural material, just like wood floors, UV rays can change the coloring over time and should be protected from direct sunlight. There are of course protective sealers to slow this process.
Still have questions or wish to receive some samples? Contact one of our design stars for further help.

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