Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MAN CAVES -By Jenna Podlogar

Ok ladies, listen up. I know what your thinking and that the sheer term “man cave” makes you cringe as you imagine cheetos in the crevasses of a Lazyboy recliner with tacky end table lamps made out of miniature size baseball bats and a deer head plastered to the wall. While many of us women are hesitant to give up an area in the house solely dedicated to enabling bad man behavior, let’s face it, the man cave is the latest house trend and can be accomplished in a tasteful manner. Don’t think of it so much as a man-only zone but more of an adult indoor playground that provides a great space for entertainment that will also add value to your home.

First, you have to select the right area in your house that makes sense to dedicate this space to. Whether it is a house your building or remodeling, it is important to take a few things into account when selecting an area.

For example, it is best to have this area slightly secluded from the rest of the living quarters. You want it to feel exactly how it sounds, cave-like. I recommend a man cave layout on the bottom level of the house, if possible, as it’s never a good idea to situate a room like this over an existing bedroom or area of the house that sound carried through the floor may disturb. When a remodel only allows for this space to be upstairs, you may want to consider one of our fun and funky carpet patterns to help absorb the sound. Make sure it is protected with a Stainmaster treatment for easy cleanup. The downstairs location also allows for you to choose between many more flooring options such as our great Texas Tradition hand scraped hardwood floors that will add that rustic touch or a high polished porcelain or marble to add a modern flair.  

A vital part to any man cave is the bar. A great option to amplify the cave-like feel of this room is to do a rock or brick wall application. Want something that sparkles? Make a statement with a mosaic glass application. These mosaics come in a wide range of sizes and colors. You can even design your own custom color blend, with the help of Oceanside, to obtain a look that is truly one of a kind.  Spice it up by repeating glass mosaics on the floor to add a pop of color and tie the entire look together.

The finishing touches come in the details. Check out our artist inspired glass blown sinks that are sure to be a conversation piece, available in a variety of fun colors. A great way to create a focal point of the room would be to add some decorative chair rail moldings around a wall mounted TV. This will help frame the wall and add balance. It can also benefit as a creative way to hide ugly wires.

Most importantly, keep in mind it is a room to have fun in and entertain. Let your personality stand out boldly in this room and don’t be afraid to add your own unique personal touches, even if it happens to comes in the form of a tacky end table lamp.

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